About Us

I am a proud Mum of three children, two young adults and a little "later in life surprise". 

I have always considered myself to be a working Mum, having been engaged in employment outside my home up until the birth in 2010 of my third (and last!) child.

Making the decision to stay at home as long as possible with my new baby initially had me somewhat intrepid about the challenges that would create for my family financially and for myself socially and mentally. It didn't take long to see, being at home with my new baby and being here full time for my family has offered me not only the pure joy of immersing myself in motherhood but also spurred me into creative action.

Since childhood, I have always enjoyed indulging my creative side with knitting, sewing, cooking, home decorating and jewellery making;. hobbies, the spare time fun pursuits of my life before. I had to get creative to meet the needs of my children. What I didn't expect was the sense of fulfillment and pride I have experienced as a result of starting my business. Designing and making pretty nappies is fabric art to me and I particularly enjoy creating scenes and telling a story with my nappy designs.

My goal is to create; create beautiful things for your family as well as my own and more importantly, create the life I want to live as a working Mum.

Three Fe-Fi-Fo Bum Modern Cloth Nappies All nappies are hand made by me, in my home in sunny Queensland. I work around my families needs. For this reason, I will be offering nappies by stocking regularly here and also at The Handcrafted Nappy Connection website, and fortnightly stockings with The Firefly Collective.  I will not be able to offer customs for now. I will certainly review this from time to time, but will only offer customs if I believe I can do so in a reasonable time frame without impact on my family and without compromising on quality and service.

I am a huge supporter of the WAHP community in Australia, so wherever possible, I source my materials and supplies from Australian WAHP distributers.

My nappies are made to my own pattern, which is a side snap design, with a snap in boosting system and a PUL waterproof layer, so they don't need a cover. 

My boosters consist of a long fold up snap in tail made from two layers of 500gsm bamboo fleece, which you can fold and position to best suit either a boy or a girl. This is then topped with a second shaped booster of two layers of 400gsm bamboo, one layer of thirsty microfibre and topped with soft microfleece to draw wetness away from babies skin. 

You can find out more, send me a message and follow my work on Facebook

4 or 6 week payment plans available on purchases of 3 or more nappies. 

Size Small - Five rows of snaps to fit from 3kg to 8kg approximately

Size Medium - Six rows of snaps to fit from 5kg to 12kg approximately

Size Large - Six rows of snaps to fit from 7kg to 16kg approximately

Size Extra Large - Six rows of snaps to fit from 12kg to 25kg approximately

Flat rate postage of $10 for all parcels within Australia

International post is available and buyers will be invoiced for the additional post based on weight and their location