Cloth Pads

All Fe Fi Fo Mum pads have a core of bamboo fleece, a hidden layer of PUL and are backed with microfleece for a little grip in the knickers.

Pads come in a variety of lengths and absorbancy and I'm always happy to talk and discuss to help you find the right pad for your needs and preferences.

You'll find that cloth is on par with disposable for size and absorbancy. So if you like a regular pad in disposable, you would likely find the 9 inch or 10 inch regular with the two layers of absorbancy is the cloth equivalent.

If you like a lighter style pad, you could drop either length or absorbancy, down to 8 inch, 9 inch or a single layer of absorbancy. If you need a more robust pad, step up to 3 layers in a 10 inch or go up to an 11 inch in length. If you need post partum or super heavy overnights, then the 12 inch is comfort and coverage.

A lot of women find that choosing a slightly longer pad helps the pad conform to the body and prevents it from shifting at all while you're wearing it. But of course, a nice good fitting pair of knickers helps too.